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Team Ministry Spiritual Gifts Analysis Group Database SUBSCRIBE
by Dr. Larry Gilbert For renewals, see item 902.
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TO SEE HOW IT WORKS click here for DEMO. Have the members of your church or group take the Spiritual Gifts Analysis online and we'll save all the data and results for your designated administrator(s) to access for evaluation, for ministry placement and planning, and for educational purposes. You can also enter scores from previously taken printed inventories. This keyed-in information will be added to the database, along with the results from the online analyses, giving you a complete analysis and overview of your entire group. Plus, when you key in results from a printed Spiritual Gifts Inventory you will be able to print a personalized report on that individual just like the one they get when they take the Spiritual Gifts Analysis online. In addition, the administrator may choose to receive an e-mail with each person's results as they complete their Spiritual Gifts Analysis online and will have access to each gift description in the database for future reference and print outs. Please note that if someone completes the analysis more than once, or moves on and is no longer a member of your group, the administrator has the capability to delete that record from the database. Another great feature is that you can create your own e-mail and e-mail it to all of your group members to encourage them, keep them excited, and let them know about upcoming events.

Information for evaluation and reports is viewable online (and may be sorted by column heading subject) and is downloadable in MS-Word, MS-Excel or most database programs.

Downloadable information includes:
Title (Rev., Dr., Pastor, Chaplain, Mr., Miss, Mrs., Ms.)
First, Last Name
Position in Church
One Phone Number
First, Second, Third Dominant Gifts
Date Added


Each subscriber will receive a group ID number that must be used in order to collect and save the group member information in the database.

An administrator access code will also be issued to allow the administrator to access the database and download information for further use.

If your church has a web site, you may link directly to your own Group Spiritual Gifts Analysis Database by using a specific URL that will be provided with your Group ID and administrator access code after you enter and submit your subscription information. Subscribers who go to the Spiritual Gifts Analysis web site without going through your web site link, MUST enter the group ID number where prompted on the screen for results to be saved in your database. (Instructions with the group ID number and administrator access code will be e-mailed to new subscribers WITHIN 48 HOURS weekdays.)

Great for your church, class, organization or special group.

This service is available for a one-time set-up fee of $49 and a $139 yearly subscription fee.

SUBSCRIBE #901 (First-time set-up and first year subscription $188)

TO SEE HOW IT WORKS click here for DEMO.

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